Welcome to GARM, a small GNOME addon

GARM provides a set of Add-Ons to the Gtk+/Gnome Desktop enviroment to manage a small or huge number of resources used by a application in a easy way. It uses a table like structure (similar to the menu generation used by Gnome) to describe all resources (as Strings, Intergers and Floats).

It was developed for the Gxsm software to manages a huge number of user settings in a convenient way and I found it usefull for others who are writing GNOME applications, just have a look at the small demo yourself!

I'm sorry, but downloads are only via CVS from SF, you can even use the CVS browse function to have a look at or even get the code.

Screenshots of GARM used by Gxsm


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Percy Zahl
Last modified: Tue Sep 18 20:07:06 MDT 2001